Areas We Service

Joshua Tree offers landscaping services in Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott, Camp Verde and all of Northern Arizona.

Verde Valley:

Providing Premium Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Sedona Landscaping Since 1997

Transform Your Property With Landscape Design in Sedona, AZ


Since 1997, The Joshua Tree & Landscape Company has helped local homeowners transform their yards into
exquisite pieces of art. Sedona, AZ and the surrounding areas may be part of the desert, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a stunning property. Thanks to landscape design from our experts,
you can surround your home with natural beauty no matter the season or temperature.

We service all of Camp Verde, Prescott, and Flagstaff in addition to Sedona, and we serve customers in
each of these areas with the honest and high-quality workmanship they deserve. If you require any landscaping
service in northern Arizona, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Benefit From a Complete Range of Landscaping Services

We offer landscape design, installation, and maintenance, including traditional tree care services.
With each of these services, we offer a meticulous attention to detail along with full access to our
professional expertise.

Landscape Design

When you meet with us at our offices in Sedona, AZ or elsewhere across the state, we’ll begin
the design process with a consultation where we’ll discuss your goals and ideas. We’ll also show you examples
of some design possibilities.

Once our design consultants have spoken with you, they can begin to draft and create plans for your
property. They can accommodate any property, big or small, and they can serve commercial customers in
addition to residential ones.

Landscape Installation and Construction

Once the design process is complete, we can begin installation and construction. We install hardscapes,
including pavers, flagstones, and curbing. We also construct full water features and irrigation as well as

Landscape Maintenance

We want your property to look stunning even after we have finished installation. To that end, we offer
full landscape maintenance. We will maintain hardscape, lighting, and water features. We’ll also attend to
weeding, lawn care, and tree care.

Begin the Design Process

To schedule your landscape design consultation, call The Joshua Tree & Landscape at
(928) 207-1408 in Sedona, AZ. If you live elsewhere in the state, view our contact page to find the office nearest you.

Remodeling and Home Design