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Tree Service Provided in Prescott, AZ



We can prescribe an annual program to maintain your trees health which will give you the peace of mind knowing the beauty and value of your property will not be altered by loss of trees. We will create a health care program for your trees and plants, design specifically for you.

Often a tree becomes stressed and the cause is unknown, that's when you need an arborist to consult with you to find the cause and prescribe the proper tree service treatments to strengthen the vascular system of the tree and restore its health.


Depending on which pruning practice is selected, our employees always use the proper pruning techniques to accomplish the best results.

Whether we are simply removing deadwood from the canopy of a tree, pruning to promote good structural growth or drastically pruning a tree to reduce its canopy, we always comply with tree service industry standards as well as go above and beyond the standard.

Tree Removal

In the event a tree becomes a hazard or is required to be removed, we have the experience and equipment to do the toughest jobs. Our highest priority is safety! This assures not only the protection of your property but most importantly you and our employees.


Every tree needs adequate nutrition to survive. In the event a tree is in decline, severely stressed or even healthy, we can treat your trees to prolong life, revive health, or simply maintain its beauty and strength.


When the proper tree and place has been selected for installation we will plant the tree for you to give your investment the best growing condition possible.
Tree — Tree Service in Prescott, AZ
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